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      Gratitude, focus, innovation
      AMASON S5
      AMASON F-13
      AMASON P-200
      Vertical digital piano
      Triangle digital piano
      Educational products
      Electroacoustic products
      Musical instrument parts
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      Guangzhou Pearl River amson digital musical instrument Limited by Share Ltd, affiliated to Pearl River Piano Group subsidiary. Established in July 2008, it is an electronic instrument manufacturer with comprehensive management of R&D, production, sales, import and export trade. At present, Pearl River Emerson has technical cooperation with KORG, an Italian and international synthesizer manufacturer. Its main products are AMASON digital piano, Pearl River avec KORG digital piano, MIDI keyboard, electronic drum, O2 O mode 6+1 digital music classroom teaching system, online teaching intelligent digital piano, double row key electronic pipe wind. Qin, electric guitar bass speakers, electronic vocal instruments, electronic drums, silent guitar, home digital, multimedia entertainment products, etc. In April 2018, Guangzhou Pearl River Emerson Digital Instrument Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the new third board, the stock code: 872752, becoming the first share of China's digital instrument industry.   More

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      Tel:020-36574618    Address:Building 1, 38 Xiangshan Road, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou     E-mail:amason2008@163.com   Fax:020-81764948
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